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*** Hot off the presses! 2003 Spring Break pic CDROM featuring 100's of pics you won't see on here from my trips to Ft. Lauderdale and Panama City have yours for 20 dollars - that includes shipping. See further down on this page for mailing address.

** Special thanks to the Wags & Elliott Morning Show on QFM 96 (WLVQ) in Columbus, OH I was on St. Patrick's Day, Monday March 17th at 8:40 am. We talked Spring Breaks past and present. br>

*Special thanks to the "Woodman in the Morning" show on K-104 WSPK 104.7 FM in Poughkeepsie NY and WXPX 107.1 in Westchester NY for having me a guest on Monday, March 10 talking everything Spring Break. Check out their site at

If your local radio station may be interested in having me as a guest drop me an e-mail to contact them or give them a call or e-mail and include my e-mail:

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2003 Picture Calendar released. Get yours now as it enters its second printing

Check out below on this page for the covershot of the 2003 SBC Photography wall calendar now available for 15 dollars. Featuring many of the girls we have featured here over the past 12 months.

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8/19/03 update 5th week of Thong-A-Thon completed at Beer Mug. Finals upcoming! Shoots continue - Resaca Beach prelims coming to an end have a great time. Check out the Braking News page for a pic this>
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2003 Calendar has just been released Oct 4.
Features many of the girls featured here on SBG. 13 models, each representing one month. It is something you can enjoy all year long. Cost is only 15 dollars including postage.

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